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Anybody Ready for a Roadtrip???

Whether you're coming from across the street, across the state, across the USA or across the ocean, we want you to consider coming the Quilters Candy Shoppe on your next roadtrip. We're located at the junction of Hwy 281 and Hwy 20 so if you're traveling east, west, north or south through north central Nebraska, you'll see our shop from the stoplight. Tell that driver to "Stop the Bus! I feel a Fiber Attack coming on"


Call Julie at the shoppe (402) 336-1953 or email us at Margie @
and we'll be glad to arrange a trip filled with fun, fabric, food and friends.


We'll greet you in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee and a smile.


We'll be happy to arrange a carry-in lunch (hot or cold) so you don't have
to take too much time away from your shopping.


Feel free to bring your unfinished projects and your tools, as well as your
sewing machine and use our classroom tables as your workroom.

Getting Sleepy?

If it's too far to make your roadtrip in one day, let us help you make the arrangements at one of our local motels. (What a perfect opportunity for a little moonlight madness - all you have to do is ask!)

Until Next Time

Is it time for you to leave already? We'll send you on your way with memories of laughter and friendship; and a cold bottle of water for the trip home

What are you waiting for?

Call Julie today to make the arrangements for tomorrow, next week or next year.

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