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Free Spirit Fabrics

Eclectic Elements Palette Subscription Program

Eclectic Elements Palette Subscription Program

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**This Subscription starts in October 2024**

Fabric Company: Free Spirit Fabrics
Designer: Tim Holtz
Collection: Palette Subscription

Fiber Content: 100% Cotton - 43" Wide
Theme: Vintage
SKU: THPalette-FOTM2425

Unlock your creativity with the Tim Holtz Palette - Color Wall Subscription! Enjoy 12 months of vibrant colors, a free pattern, and a Tim Holtz tote bag. Each month, you'll also receive fun and inspiring craft ideas to keep your creative juices flowing. Let your imagination run wild with this unique subscription!

Each month from October 2024 to September 2025, you will receive 10 vintage/urban fabrics in the size you choose.  A rainbow of color as each month represents a color on the rainbow.

§  October - Pink

§  November - Red

§  December - Orange

§  January - Yellow

§  February - Neutral

§  March - Green

§  April - Teal

§  May - Blue

§  June - Indigo

§  July - Purple

§  August - Black/Neutral

§  September - Rainbow

Register for just $10 and reserve your place in the program for your selected bundle size.  Enjoy a FREE Tim Holtz Tote Bag (sent with 1st or 2nd month of subscription), a free pattern and monthly creative ideas.   These amazing fabrics  in the Tim Holtz Palette will only be available to Subscription Members for first two months after release, then if there is any left we will offer it on our website and in the shoppe!  We will set up an exclusive subscription member-only Facebook group so you can share your inspiration, ideas and projects with other members.

Choose your fabric subscription - Fat Quarter Palette Bundle - $34.99, Half Yard Palette Bundle - $67.99, Full Yard Palette Bundle - $132.99

A Flat Rate Shipping fee of $9 will be added to each fat quarter or half yard shipment.

Note: You are signing up for a 12 month subscription to receive 10 Tim Holtz Palette fabrics per month (in your selected size).

Let's have fun with this amazing collection of fabrics!  Thank you for joining us!

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